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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tamara's Gifts

My friend, Tamara, is just the best gift-giver! I painted the beautiful mouth blown bottle she gave me for my birthday. The personalized note cards (at the top)-- one of the things she gave me for Christmas. I even cherish the little metal gift tag with my name on it. Her details are so thoughtful and make these gifts so special!

The bottle looks deep purple until the light shines on it. It truly has dozens of colors that change dramatically depending on the light. At least, that's the way I see it!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Art Goals- I don't think so

Not for me, not with this. I eat, sleep, dream GOALS, always trying to get better, help people achieve theirs, win, be at the top of whatever it is I am doing, be the best I can be. I am watching everyone post their ART goals about how they will stay on track, take more classes, paint more, post more, try harder. And, that is good for many. I am enjoying the process so much, with such passion... that being goal-oriented will take away the pure joy of a few minutes a day of putting something on paper. If I sketch some, that's neat...if I take a class and enjoy it...good for me. If I post something every day or never again...who really cares? This is purely for pleasure (for me) and that's HOW I SEE IT.

Wedding shells

My niece recently got married on the beach at Marco Island, Florida. When my sister got home with the keepsakes (like the place cards from the reception) she placed them carefully,took a picture and sent to me. I painted this from the photo and then added some of the shells collected from the beach near the wedding.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

EDM Draw a tree

I recorded "Planet Earth" on the Discovery Channel. If you have not seen it, try to find a way. I paused the recording and drew this. I haven't been to Madagascar, but this is how I see it.

EDM Draw Your Phone

Just a fast "Everyday Matters" sketch. I see this device in my sleep since that is the business I am in.


Scary place---my brain on a plane! I travel all the time and "escape" by sketching.

Draw someone's hands-EDM sketch

I drew my husband's hand. He says his hands look like sausages and that I captured that. :-O

EDM Draw your glasses

Another Everyday matters sketch suggestion. Takes a couple of minutes--funny to see what my glasses look like--WITHOUT them. Note to self--make eye doc appt to get contacts.


I grew up with a creek in my back yard and know the sound of cicadas very well. Their life story is phenomenal--as well as their contribution to the planet. In real life, they are not this colorful. But, this is how I see them.


This is my attempt at a "full size" watercolor, 12x16 on Canson Cold Pressed. I saw this in a watercolor book and will make sure to find it to give credit. I touched it with some Watercolor Pencils Charles got me for Christmas and called it a day!