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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It Takes a Village!

It sure takes a village for an artist to be able to make and sell art!  Artists who want to create simple can't be stopped. But, we can sure stall out if many things don't fall into place. I am here to express gratitude to all the people and components that have fallen into place to make my art life possible. The people who support me and love me. Wayyyy too many individuals to list, because each of the people that believe in me have supported me in their own unique and generous ways like:

Brainstorming on how I might get to where I wanted to be as an artist
Handed me money to buy supplies (so that I could buy more than one tube at a time!)
Put a down payment on a painting that they just knew would happen in the future
Honestly and gently critiquing my works in progress to help me get better
Gifting me with my website
Coaching me on how to promote myself
Creating a name for my work-Soulscapes
Connecting me with people that matter
Buying my paintings
Paying me more than I even asked!
Sharing your love of what I do with others
Letting me know that what I do brings you joy
Propping me up when I've been really really scared!

I could go on and on and on. All I know is that there are so many super talented artists that need the same sort of encouragement. We can be a fragile bunch and I know too many gifted artists that could use the same sort of help you have given me. I am FILLED with gratitude!

I wrote a letter to the awesome owner of Santa Fe's art store Artisan  Ron Whitmore, when I was overcome with the serendipitous sequence of events that led me to this place of being a Cold Wax artist. I saw he added it to the monthly newsletter sent by his store and thought I would share. It summarizes my story a little bit if you have an interest :)

It takes a village. And, that's the way I see it. 

With gratitude that grows and grows because of you,
Lisa ---won't you go see my latest art and news and subscribe? ---please like me

Note Cards-SALE!

I have a few sets of note cards of my Star Mountain series available for sale. There are eight to a set-two of each season. If you'd like for me to send some your way email me at That is also my paypal address where you can send $15.00. That includes shipping. You can also pay by check if that suits you. Let me know and I'll send my address. Be sure to include yours in the email. Thank you and I hope you enjoy for yourself or for gifts! 

Monday, August 10, 2015

River Light Gallery-Crested Butte Colorado

We just returned from Crested Butte Colorado where my work is now being represented by the beautiful River Light Gallery.  It was an incredibly special experience because my family has a very long love affair with the area. My grandparents began exploring the area before I was even born! We have photos of my first vacation to Spring Creek Resort. I was a baby being bathed in the cabin’s kitchen sink! Charles and I got married by the banks of Spring Creek in 1981. And, now my brother and sister in law have a dreamy home nearby.  This feels like a very surreal, full circle experience having my paintings hanging in a gallery right smack in the middle of Crested Butte!

What a bonus to get to hike amidst the Aspens that so inspire my paintings. There was something so special about exploring caves and deteriorating 1800’s miner’s cabins. The ground feels eerily sacred and fed my creative soul. Can’t wait to get into some paint to see what happens next!

Special thanks to Charles and Gretchen, my biggest supporters, for being there for every minute of the inspiration and celebration. And, to the super talented Mike Mahoney and the wonderfully welcoming Pam Mahoney for making me feel like I belonged with the talented artists at River Light Gallery. It was a weekend to remember!