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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Donkeys need recognition, too!

So, I spent an entire, wonderful, morning with the miniature animals that call Crystal Mesa Farm, HOME. I wasn't entirely thrilled with the mulitude of sketches I did of them--after all, their porportians are a little "different".

But, I loved them so much, I felt I should at least share them. Most of them moved so much, I just couldn't get them to strike a pose!

Here they are and I just love them!

More from Ghost Ranch

I decided to honor this beautiful place again , by painting from a photo I took there. Georgia O'Keefe spent many years painting there, being inspired by it's beauty. Who wouldn't be?! I have a goal to attend one of the many workshops offered at this awesome place.

The colors and light in New Mexico are so often indescribable. Capturing it can make a painting look almost fake. Nothing could be that filled with ethereal color! The color of the landscape when I took this was cast with purples of all kinds. The sky, the tree, the mountain--all had a fog of lavenders and plums cast upon them. Still takes my breath away to think of it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

100th Post and Photo Nomination

Today I got a note from the Schmap Napa Valley Guide saying I had a photo on the shortlist to appear in their November guide. That's kinda cool, isn't it?! The photo they selected was one taken at the Mumm Sparkling Vineyard. You may recall the previous posts where Martha and I sketched at the Sparkling Vineyards in Napa Valley before I moved back to Texas. In fact...the banner at the top of my blog is a sketch I did of the tulips we saw that day! What a great memory!

So, here is the photo that made the shortlist. I'd rather have a sketch nominated, but I still celebrate my 100th post with this nice little bit of recognition!