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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pacific Grove White House

The Bad Girls were on the loose again. This trip was to Pacific Grove, California--within walking distance of Monterey. Truly, this is one of the most charming places imaginable. If you ever go, you can't miss the White House on the main drag. Depending on the color of the sky, it looked look peach at one time of day and lavender another. So pristine!

My new paints

I have been using what could be described as a child's set of watercolors--until now! Martha helped me choose colors from her paints and we filled up an old tray of hers. We had such fun! As she said, "It's like candy!" I am just starting to use them--it is a whole new world! (Thank you Divine Ms. M!)

Aren't they yummy?!


I am trying to learn what watercolors do. The first pears are wet on wet. It might take me awhile to feel comfortable with those happy accidents people talk about when wet paint hits wet paper! The second group I painted on dry paper and completed in just a few minutes. I think the second looks crisp and contemporary while the other attempts to be more realistic. What do you think?