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Thursday, July 23, 2015

I'm baaaaack! And, here's how I see it........

Here's (some) of what happened since we last connected in the Land of Blog.

1. I got lost in the social media world of, well mostly Facebook , and forgot how much fun I used to have blogging. Someone told me that not everyone is on Facebook.  Whaaaat? Took me a minute to pick my chin up off the ground and consider that it might be true. So here I am blogging again!

2.  I dove head first into the world of My Paintings.  And, if you know me you know I cannot actually dive, so it was more like a cannonball splash with some crazy flailing along the way.

3. The harder I've worked the luckier I've gotten. In my first year of being a full time artist, I found myself (my paintings) in FOUR galleries, won a bunch of awards and received recognition that actually makes me humbly shake my head. Alternately, I pat myself on the back for all the hard work :)

4. We became grandparents to the sweetest little girl child that ever walked the planet! And, since she walked at eight months old, she is clearly a phenom. I have no words or paintings that compare to the beauty of having a grandchild.
Here's a painting that represents all the growth and change that seems to happen if you just show up and follow your heart. The Tree of Life can be seen on Canyon Road at Bill Hester Fine Art.

While you are here, I'd love it if you followed my blog. There's so much more to come. It's good to be back! Thank you for joining me