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Saturday, March 15, 2008

EDM #160 Trophy

Since I submitted EDM #160 "draw a trophy", I guess I need to participate! If you have followed some of my life via this blog lately, you know that I am currently unemployed. I am also relocating/downsizing...therefore cleaning/clearing. I have liberated myself of boxes of awards and trophies and decided to draw some of them.
They have already been collected by Waste Management, and I must say THAT was liberating. Here are some of the shapes, and they will continue to have names on them, just not mine...that's the way I see it!

Airport Sketching

Sketching is survival in airplanes, airports and BART! It turns mass transportation into massive fun. I hadn't sketched people before, but tried it on a recent trip. I sketched fast (for the fidgeters!) and didn't worry about details --like faces! I'll get to that someday--at least...that's the way I see it!

Aubrey Adams Abode

My sister in law wanted my brother to have a painting of their house for his office so I did this little ink and watercolor for him. He seemed to really like it! It is a delightful home and I will be spending lots of time there very soon!

Heather and Jay's Place

A crazy year for my niece landed her and hubby "back home"! A darling place where they can settle in!

Ferry Building Views

My son, Chase, and I spent the afternoon at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. We had to eat at Taylor's Refresher one more time before heading back to Texas. Two words, Garlic Fries!

These are really quick sketches of what we were looking at from the sidewalk while eating. I wanted to remember a really fun day with my son in a wonderful place!

More from Naples

I sketched this building while eating sushi with Gretchen and Heather in Naples. What a relaxing time with my sister-in-law and niece!