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Monday, February 8, 2016

Kaleidescope Show

The past two years have been an art whirlwind! I was telling the story about how the very esteemed Dallas Dutch Art Gallery "discovered" me in Santa Fe and changed my life. Thanks to the very fine, Fine Artist, Sharon Hodges and incredibly talented and most hard working artist I know Painter Extraordinaire Kay Wyne for pointing Dutch Art Gallery owners Pam and Hans Massar my way! It's been such a wonderful experience being in partnership with an organization that sets the bar so high. Let's just say that after 50 years in business they know how the art world works!  The gallery is gorgeous and represents some of the finest artists from around the world. They treat their artists like valued partners and their collectors like family!

The Kaleidoscope show featuring Kay and Sharon and me opened with great success on Saturday. I am happy to say four of my paintings found new homes on opening day! Plus, a ton of my stationary with images of my paintings. The show is so colorful and inspiring with each of us bringing something totally new to the gallery walls. If you missed it, stop by and see it before March 1st!

You know, I am from Dallas, which adds the fun element of getting to see old friends when I come to these shows. Here are some of my loves and supporters of my creative career. I am truly one lucky artist!

Friend, Artist Advocate and Collector Gayla and Me
(and the Magical Mystery Tour! )
Just two little Beatlemaniacs who have loved each other since 5th grade! 
Cyndi and Me

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