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Saturday, October 2, 2010

TWU Fountain

I sketched this fountain on the campus of Texas Women's University in Denton. My friend and I were there exploring the chapel and the glorious azaleas this spring. I added some watercolor to it this week. Great spring day with a good friend and I wanted to preserve it!

Friday, October 1, 2010


I have been intrigued by these wonderful statues carved from dead cottonwood trees. They are on what is becoming a regular walk route for us here in Santa Fe. It’s along the Santa Fe River on the way to Canyon Road. I have photographed them and painted one of them. Decided to incorporate the face of the one I painted into this mixed media piece. I don’t know a thing about arch angels so I started researching them to find out who this angel Baraciel was. I found that this is “my angel”, coordinating to the day I was born, on a Saturday in November, a Scorpio. So, I added the Scorpion symbol in the lower left on the painting. I also added some words to the piece having to do with what this angel is about. You probably can’t see them but here is what they say if you look up close.
"Distributor of the blessings of God … for good deeds, entreats the mercy of God for people..."
If you want to read more about the carvings and the artist that created these go here>>

This type of expression, abstract/mixed media is foreign to me. But, I am trying all sorts of new things to find a new way of making art. Most of all I enjoyed the freedom, the story and the symbolism of the process. I am working on creating something totally different every day!