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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Since I was reading deprived by the Artist's Way, then distracted by Christmas, I neglected to acknowledge the abundance that came my way!

I was truly "needing" some supplies and got some! My son and DIL got me a great new sketchbook which I am already filling with EDM challenges.

On top of THAT...I was generously rewarded by for answering correctly "Purple People Eaters". She sent me 5 awesome new purple pens that I am loving so much! I DO have a Big favorite. Let me know if you simply MUST know the one I love. There is nothing quite like new art supplies, is there??

EDM #1 plus Yao

I am starting from scratch with the Every Day Matters Challenges.
Number one is "Draw a Shoe" (so I drew three!)

Take a look at Yao snuggling with one of them! I sacrificed the goofy comfort so my puppy could have a new "friend"!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Art in 2009 or Never Say Never!

Last January, I had just started sketching and blogging and wrote this:

And this year, I have a list of artistic things I want to do and learn as long as my arm! I am not calling these goals--since I am apt to find more new things I want to try and will abandon some of the below. So be it. The list just gives me a blueprint to follow if I veer too far from feeding my creative spirit. Well...that's the Way I See It

Explore Artist Co-Op idea
Join VAST (Visual Art Society of Texas)
Continue Artist's Way Cluster
Continue in SmartFlix University How-To DVDs
House Portraits
Pay it forward--nieces, church, blog buddies, friends

Journaling topics:
My homes
Favorite quotes

EDM challenges

Take classes:
Photoshop elements
Digital photography

Experiment with:
Bigger pictures (not just sketchbooks)
Brands of paint

Get inspired:
Read art books
Visit museums
Classes from

Spend time with my artist friends learning what they do:
Cyndi and Rachel-quilting
Martha-sketching, journaling
Diane-Glazed Enameled Copper
Linda-Oil Painting

Art Trips:
Envision 4 a year with Gretchen and Martha and who knows who?!
Participate in Worldwide sketchcrawls

Post Reading Deprivation

There are so many things I learn and enjoy from blogging and especially the Every Day Matters group. Thank you for the dozens of passionate responses about whether to read or follow the Artist's Way plan! Your support and kind comments the past year kept me engaged and your talent has taught me so much!

When I decided to follow the Artist's Way Plan, of not reading for one week, I knew that I would NEVER neglect personal emails or my job hunt. Yes, I am a blog lover--addict perhaps....yeah..for sure. But, I just love seeing what the folks in this EDM group are creating and I so enjoy reading about the lives of the bloggers I subscribe to around the globe. What an education it has been for me. Art, geography, history, fantasy, spirituality, name it.......your sketches feed my heart and soul and I won't ever stop following along with your lives and everything you create.

Sooo...I put the books down after peeking the day I received them. I figured since I am facilitating the Artist's Way Cluster, I should at least follow the program. Although difficult to understand how not reading books on art could help me unleash my creativity, I decided to give it a chance. My nose would grow if I said I stayed completely away from reading my favorite blogs. I scaled back by at least 80% but just couldn't bring myself to abandon the great pleasure of viewing your art every day.

Some things I did this week that may fall under the creativity umbrella:
Took a jewelry making class with my niece (early gift to her)
Bought all the makings for another niece's ballet scrapbook
Made my DIL a necklace and some earrings for me
Painted my bathroom
Replaced outlet covers with something prettier
Mowed the yard;raked the leaves;planted some pansies
Hung new house numbers
Made a pebble mosiac window sill in the shower
Got two pictures framed and hung
Rearranged the Living Room to accommodate the new TV
Bought three new lamps and got rid of one
Finished shopping and wrapped them up
Made huge vat of chicken and dumplins and took some to friends
Made a list of art projects for 2009
Some other terrific things that have happened this past few days--
Got an offer on the California house (after 9 months)
Got two job offers!

Who knows if the above would have happened with or without the rules of the Artist's Way. What do you think?

Now...back to sketching and posting and READING..

Happy New Year!