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Monday, December 29, 2008

Art in 2009 or Never Say Never!

Last January, I had just started sketching and blogging and wrote this:

And this year, I have a list of artistic things I want to do and learn as long as my arm! I am not calling these goals--since I am apt to find more new things I want to try and will abandon some of the below. So be it. The list just gives me a blueprint to follow if I veer too far from feeding my creative spirit. Well...that's the Way I See It

Explore Artist Co-Op idea
Join VAST (Visual Art Society of Texas)
Continue Artist's Way Cluster
Continue in SmartFlix University How-To DVDs
House Portraits
Pay it forward--nieces, church, blog buddies, friends

Journaling topics:
My homes
Favorite quotes

EDM challenges

Take classes:
Photoshop elements
Digital photography

Experiment with:
Bigger pictures (not just sketchbooks)
Brands of paint

Get inspired:
Read art books
Visit museums
Classes from

Spend time with my artist friends learning what they do:
Cyndi and Rachel-quilting
Martha-sketching, journaling
Diane-Glazed Enameled Copper
Linda-Oil Painting

Art Trips:
Envision 4 a year with Gretchen and Martha and who knows who?!
Participate in Worldwide sketchcrawls


janabouc said...

What a great list! It sounds like you have a very joyful year ahead of you! I did the Artists Way many years ago and it was the most creative 12 weeks of my life. I've returned to doing the morning pages after a long time away from them and really love them and the Artists Way.

Shirley said...

What a fun list to read. I agree that our goals/plans need to be map, but veering off the raod is sometimes more fun and the start of something new. Now I need to look upSmartflix!
Here's hoping one of those 4 trips is to see me with Martha....

Teri C said...

What a fab list. You have given this a lot of thought and that's probably the most important part.

happy New Year

Stephen Hall said...

What a wonderful list! Anything I can do to assist, please get in touch! I loved the Artists way and resolve to do my pages daily from now on!
Have a wonderful and creative new year

freebird said...

This is a really big list. I like what you said last year. You must have grown a lot over the year to be able to go from no list to this list. I hope you have a great time reaching out for these. Happy New Year!