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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blog CPR

Wow!  I haven't posted a thing to this blog since May 2011. So many reasons I suppose- busy family, work, enjoying all that life in Santa Fe has to offer..yada yada.  I simply gave up a daily sketching practice. My art went an entirely different direction. Since I went through that little vision loss incident a few years ago, I always felt there was something new out there for me to create. I knew there was a medium, yet untried, that would make my heart skip a beat. And, I experimented with many things. I found the medium I loved in something I had never even heard of until a year or so ago. Cold Wax! It's the yummiest. Mixed with oil paint, it goes on like creamy canned frosting. More on the process later.

I've been into this stuff like a crazy woman, painting like a maniac. My dear friends Jilly and Danny and Ralph gifted me with a website for my recent birthday to spur me on and nudge me to sell my creations. It's been such a delightful reinforcement to have people buying my paintings right out of the gate. My heart is in my art and it brings me great joy when people enjoy it and are willing to pay for it!

So, if you've hung around this long to share my journey, I'll be extra tickled if you go check out my new website. And, if we're not already friends on facebook, we should be. That's How I See It :)

Come see me. I hope you like :)