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Sunday, May 15, 2011

21 Days of Gratitude

My "High Five" for this day is rolled into one. See how bad I am at following directions?! I know my instructor understands me!

I did this little ink and watercolor sketch of where I work. It's Santa Fe Dry Goods on the Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am grateful for it for many reasons. Here are five of them:

1)It's the best place to work in Santa Fe
2)I am happy to be making money
3)I enjoy building teams
4)I love my boss
5)It's cool working on the Plaza
And, that's the way I see it!

21 Days of Gratitude

The class assignment had something to do with expressing gratitude about food. I suppose I could have been more reverent than drawing a pint of Ben and Jerry's. But, of well. Thank you God, for ice cream!

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21 Days of Gratitude

So grateful for time to spread out art supplies and play on a Sunday afternoon! This is a bunch of old zentangles that I mutilated and collaged back together. Something about doodling that makes my brain happy! At least, that's the way I see it!

21 Days of Gratitude

I am enjoying the 21 days of gratitude, even though I am doing things out of order and not getting around to posting. I suppose I am not much a a linear thinker and am prone to breaking the rules. My "plan" is to enjoy all kinds of mediums in this class and not to torture myself when I miss a day. It's a fun way to express gratitude and I never stop doing that!

So here is a funky altered photo I did. The background is a mixed media background that I did sometime ago. An old photo of me and my boys layered on top of it and altered in Picnik, which is just as fun as it gets!

I am grateful to have these guys!