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Saturday, January 8, 2011

House portraits

I have started to do these house portraits again and really enjoy it. They seem to make the owners really happy and that makes ME happy!

These were challenging, with so many amenities, I had to leave some of them out. Hard to get the fish ponds, pool, outdoor kitchen, putting green etc. in the small sketch. But, the home owners seemed tickled...whew!
I hope you will visit me often as I update my other site with new photos of house portraits.

Colors, Textures, Sacred Objects

I spent a little time photographing the interesting art, furniture, sculptural objects, surfaces and textures at my friend, Jill's house. Their place, up on the mountain is a feast for the senses! I made this little collage and think it might be cool blown up to poster size.

Not to take the mystery out of these images, but, well, I am! Top right is the latch on a gorgeous folk art armoir. Next, the handle on an enormous copper kettle followed by a wonderful statue that makes me want to drop to the floor and meditate. Second row, the blue scrolly pic is a mouth blown lamp shade. The lamp is equally fantastic! Middle photo is the design on the mug I that held my cappacinno. Far right is tiny a corner of a Chinese lacquered cabinet. The marvelous lady bottom right guards over the stove in the kitchen. The middle bottom is a decorative tile inset in the kitchen. The last photo is simply the top of a piece of furniture in the living room.

I am calling my stroll through the house my "Artist's Date" for this, our last week with Julia Cameron leading us in the "Artist's Way".

Highly Prized

This is another submission for the Sketchbook Challenge for the month of January.
The topic is "Highly Prized".
Since I have only one perfectly seeing eye, I do hold it in extremely high esteem!
I did the whole thing in 2H pencil, then decided to use a Derwent watercolor pencil to make my eye that fantasy green. They're green but not THAT green.
Left a few laugh lines out :) Hey, it's my eye and my art :)
And that's the way I SEE it!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge

I have been encouraged by some friends to join them in the Sketchbook Challenge I recycled an old yoga sketch I did, since yoga is something I am so passionate about.

I had a mission to find THE BEST YOGA in SANTA FE! Tough job but somebody had to do it! Actually, it turned out to be quite an undertaking since there are probably twenty fantastic choices very close to home. After taking multiple classes in seven studios with many teachers, I found the most wonderful teacher Sean Tebor and now I can't break myself away to attend all the other (also excellent) classes.  classes are currently held at the Aspen Ballet Santa Fe Studio while his new studio is being completed. My friend, Jill, and I are so mesmerized by his language, his descriptions, poetry, analogies & his good looks. Oh AND his massive expertise!Yet, we are pure mush when it's all over and can't recall what he said! During my rating process of all the studios, I started writing a few suggested names for his classes....

Sean Tebor’s Magical Mystery Tour *****

Sean Tebor’s Journey to the Center of You *****

Sean Tebor’s Two Hour Thanksgiving I’d Rather Do 28 Downward Dogs Than Eat Pumpkin Pie *****

Sean Tebor’s Yoga is my Drug Of Choice *****

Sean Tebor’s You could be at home and you Chose to attempt Half Moon Pose *****

Sean Tebor’s-Yeah this is gonna get Crazy yoga *****

Sean Tebor's Learn the form, but seek the formless Yoga...*****

Sean Tebor's You are feeling drunk by now Yoga *****

I totally digressed! Back to sketching! I have a goal to gain proficiency in PhotoShop. I have owned it for years and never touched it. So, I took the little yoga sketch I did ages ago and played with her. She enters the yoga studio unaware, unenlightened and not even awake. Her Chakras beginning to show signs of life as she focuses on prana and enjoys well directed asanas. She ends with a deep Savasana and finally is alive, enlightened and aglow by the end of the practice. That's the original sketch in the lower right and she is peeking through as the background, too.  Ahhhh....Yoga, I love you so.