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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Colors, Textures, Sacred Objects

I spent a little time photographing the interesting art, furniture, sculptural objects, surfaces and textures at my friend, Jill's house. Their place, up on the mountain is a feast for the senses! I made this little collage and think it might be cool blown up to poster size.

Not to take the mystery out of these images, but, well, I am! Top right is the latch on a gorgeous folk art armoir. Next, the handle on an enormous copper kettle followed by a wonderful statue that makes me want to drop to the floor and meditate. Second row, the blue scrolly pic is a mouth blown lamp shade. The lamp is equally fantastic! Middle photo is the design on the mug I that held my cappacinno. Far right is tiny a corner of a Chinese lacquered cabinet. The marvelous lady bottom right guards over the stove in the kitchen. The middle bottom is a decorative tile inset in the kitchen. The last photo is simply the top of a piece of furniture in the living room.

I am calling my stroll through the house my "Artist's Date" for this, our last week with Julia Cameron leading us in the "Artist's Way".

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