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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Our house

So, I see everyone in the EDM (Every Day Matters) group is drawing their houses, so I joined in. It is fun seeing paintings of so many homes around the world! The first one is a re-post from November, soon after I started sketching and blogging. It was done on very thin paper (not watercolor paper) with my "little kid's" box of paints. I didn't dare use much water, and whatever paint I did lay down, dried instantly. Now, I am almost at the end of my first Moleskin= that I re-bound with Fabriana hot press paper. I used mostly Windsor Newton paints. I sat in a different spot this time, so I could paint the whole house. This would be a fun exercise to do every few months, but this is my last painting of this house since we are moving very soon. Next house painting will be of our new place in Texas!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring has sprung!

There is so much blooming in our yard...well.. actually all over the Bay Area. I will never get over how gorgeous it is here! I played around a little and painted a sampling of some of the "show-offs" in my yard right now. It smells FANTASTIC, too!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Farmer's Market

I will surely miss the many Farmer's Markets in California. You can find one pretty much any day of the week, in several communities, within a 20 minute drive of our house. Today I stopped by the one in Concord on the Todos Santos Plaza. I listened to the lady play the harp, watched an artist paint portraits, smelled the fresh flowers and brought home some beautiful artichokes and kettle corn. The colors of the tents, flowers and the sky were all so vivid, I really should have painted straight out of the tube. The way I see it, the scenary on a Tuesday afternoon doesn't get much better than that!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sketchcrawl #18

I went on my second Worldwide Sketchcrawl yesterday Can you imagine people in 50 cities all mobilized at the same time to sketch the world as they see it? I am so priviledged to have had the chance to enjoy sketching in the glorious city of San Francisco. And, WOW, the number of talented and experienced artists that show up is incredible! Me, I just bumble along with my amateur sketches, enjoying the heck out of it!

Martha and I could have spent all day in the lobby of the charming Argonaut Hotel I am glad I got to see it again, as it was the first hotel that Charles and I stayed in when we began the process of moving to the Bay area, fours years ago. We are moving back to Texas in April so it was nice to have a little farewell sketching of the hotel and the city. The lobby is a design feast--every detail is impeccable. The furniture is all oversized and makes the place feel fantasy-like.

Stop by every now and then. My sketches will surely change flavor, as I start sketching my home state of Texas. Plus, Martha and I plan to meet around the globe for our own mini-crawls. How lucky I am to have made such a good friend in this world of sketching!

These sketches are just a tiny bit of how I saw San Francisco ...