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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To Read or Not to Read?

Thank you all for your thoughtful responses to my high class dilemna--
whether to read my awesome new books or follow the Artist's Way
direction of "reading deprivation" for one week. Then, read on to see
how I weighed your input and made my decision.

I got many comments on my blog and some direct emails--all strong
opinions from people I honor and respect and much appreciated!

Here is how it shook out:

Take a peek then get back to the Artist's Way Commitment- 2

Just look at the pictures! 2

Do both-read and keep creating- 2

Do the Artist's Way program but don't do the reading deprivation
week. It won't change anything..has no affect ( do you know
if you didn't do it?) 4

Belly Up to the Book Buffet (Peg's words 17

Stick with the Artist's Way program- the reading deprivation is worth
it.. It's only a week and worth the creative pay-off...major break-
throughs, keep your commitment, follow-through etc. 15
(Most of these comments came directly to my email-concern over it
being the "unpopular" vote)

AND, here is what I did >>>

Now, in order to keep with my commitment to the program and the
people in my Artist's Way cluster, I start my reading deprivation

Stay tuned. I'll see you in a few days (yes, blogging is reading!)