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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Clutter and Creativity

I am excited to share that I have a Creativity Coach! I am feeling that there is something that I am meant to create and she is going to help me “give birth” to it! She asked me what fears and obstacles I have that may be standing in my way. Hmmm…My fear is that I won’t experience everything I can possibly experience. So, I have to get busy! I can’t put my finger on what is standing in my way. I do know that clutter can stand in the way of many things, creativity being one of them. So, I tackle the “stuff” I own once again, wondering if it is keeping me from living a fully creative life. Having recently moved into a 3 room casita, I am having to dig deep to keep the place tidy and I have already gotten rid of massive numbers of “things”. When we got back from Colorado today, I had 5 newly purchased books which means 5 others have to leave this house. I rationalize that it doesn’t have to be 5 books, it can be 5 things that take up the same amount of space as the new books. Hey, these are my rules, I am making this up as I go! So, two pairs of capris that I never wear are stuffed into the Charity Box. Capris should be against the law anyway. I have never seen anyone look good in them. Bad design. Pedal pushers went out of style for a reason! Two more pairs of dress paints that would require heels that didn’t make the last clutter cut. A white shirt and a white tank top. I don’t look good in white since I stopped coloring my hair. ONE book, a dress that had a huge print that made me look like a giant flower garden (WTH was I thinking?)-GONE. Okay, that’s 7, so I get to keep the books!

The next set of clutter that works against this ADD girl will be remedied by my Artist’s Way Morning Pages. One of the books I came home with is actually a pretty new journal. I’m such a sucker. Like a 99 cent spiral wouldn’t suffice? So, three pages of dumping my brain on paper every morning rids it of all that chatter so I can be productive in some other way. That mind decluttering process begins AGAIN tomorrow!

Maybe I should change the 3x3s and incorporate the daily decluttering of my brain and my belongings! We will know if this process works, if I ever actually have any art to post on this blog! For now, an occasional photo will have to suffice. Those Aspens in Colorado were strutting their stuff! That's how I see it!