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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Since I was reading deprived by the Artist's Way, then distracted by Christmas, I neglected to acknowledge the abundance that came my way!

I was truly "needing" some supplies and got some! My son and DIL got me a great new sketchbook which I am already filling with EDM challenges.

On top of THAT...I was generously rewarded by for answering correctly "Purple People Eaters". She sent me 5 awesome new purple pens that I am loving so much! I DO have a Big favorite. Let me know if you simply MUST know the one I love. There is nothing quite like new art supplies, is there??

EDM #1 plus Yao

I am starting from scratch with the Every Day Matters Challenges.
Number one is "Draw a Shoe" (so I drew three!)

Take a look at Yao snuggling with one of them! I sacrificed the goofy comfort so my puppy could have a new "friend"!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Art in 2009 or Never Say Never!

Last January, I had just started sketching and blogging and wrote this:

And this year, I have a list of artistic things I want to do and learn as long as my arm! I am not calling these goals--since I am apt to find more new things I want to try and will abandon some of the below. So be it. The list just gives me a blueprint to follow if I veer too far from feeding my creative spirit. Well...that's the Way I See It

Explore Artist Co-Op idea
Join VAST (Visual Art Society of Texas)
Continue Artist's Way Cluster
Continue in SmartFlix University How-To DVDs
House Portraits
Pay it forward--nieces, church, blog buddies, friends

Journaling topics:
My homes
Favorite quotes

EDM challenges

Take classes:
Photoshop elements
Digital photography

Experiment with:
Bigger pictures (not just sketchbooks)
Brands of paint

Get inspired:
Read art books
Visit museums
Classes from

Spend time with my artist friends learning what they do:
Cyndi and Rachel-quilting
Martha-sketching, journaling
Diane-Glazed Enameled Copper
Linda-Oil Painting

Art Trips:
Envision 4 a year with Gretchen and Martha and who knows who?!
Participate in Worldwide sketchcrawls

Post Reading Deprivation

There are so many things I learn and enjoy from blogging and especially the Every Day Matters group. Thank you for the dozens of passionate responses about whether to read or follow the Artist's Way plan! Your support and kind comments the past year kept me engaged and your talent has taught me so much!

When I decided to follow the Artist's Way Plan, of not reading for one week, I knew that I would NEVER neglect personal emails or my job hunt. Yes, I am a blog lover--addict perhaps....yeah..for sure. But, I just love seeing what the folks in this EDM group are creating and I so enjoy reading about the lives of the bloggers I subscribe to around the globe. What an education it has been for me. Art, geography, history, fantasy, spirituality, name it.......your sketches feed my heart and soul and I won't ever stop following along with your lives and everything you create.

Sooo...I put the books down after peeking the day I received them. I figured since I am facilitating the Artist's Way Cluster, I should at least follow the program. Although difficult to understand how not reading books on art could help me unleash my creativity, I decided to give it a chance. My nose would grow if I said I stayed completely away from reading my favorite blogs. I scaled back by at least 80% but just couldn't bring myself to abandon the great pleasure of viewing your art every day.

Some things I did this week that may fall under the creativity umbrella:
Took a jewelry making class with my niece (early gift to her)
Bought all the makings for another niece's ballet scrapbook
Made my DIL a necklace and some earrings for me
Painted my bathroom
Replaced outlet covers with something prettier
Mowed the yard;raked the leaves;planted some pansies
Hung new house numbers
Made a pebble mosiac window sill in the shower
Got two pictures framed and hung
Rearranged the Living Room to accommodate the new TV
Bought three new lamps and got rid of one
Finished shopping and wrapped them up
Made huge vat of chicken and dumplins and took some to friends
Made a list of art projects for 2009
Some other terrific things that have happened this past few days--
Got an offer on the California house (after 9 months)
Got two job offers!

Who knows if the above would have happened with or without the rules of the Artist's Way. What do you think?

Now...back to sketching and posting and READING..

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To Read or Not to Read?

Thank you all for your thoughtful responses to my high class dilemna--
whether to read my awesome new books or follow the Artist's Way
direction of "reading deprivation" for one week. Then, read on to see
how I weighed your input and made my decision.

I got many comments on my blog and some direct emails--all strong
opinions from people I honor and respect and much appreciated!

Here is how it shook out:

Take a peek then get back to the Artist's Way Commitment- 2

Just look at the pictures! 2

Do both-read and keep creating- 2

Do the Artist's Way program but don't do the reading deprivation
week. It won't change anything..has no affect ( do you know
if you didn't do it?) 4

Belly Up to the Book Buffet (Peg's words 17

Stick with the Artist's Way program- the reading deprivation is worth
it.. It's only a week and worth the creative pay-off...major break-
throughs, keep your commitment, follow-through etc. 15
(Most of these comments came directly to my email-concern over it
being the "unpopular" vote)

AND, here is what I did >>>

Now, in order to keep with my commitment to the program and the
people in my Artist's Way cluster, I start my reading deprivation

Stay tuned. I'll see you in a few days (yes, blogging is reading!)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What would you do?

My Artist's Way group is on the chapter that calls for reading deprivation. I am already terrified by this assignment, even though I have no doubt it has value. To add insult to injury I got the most delicious shipment from Amazon today. My California Berkeley Bad Girls Book club friends, Diana, Martha and Cynthia gave me a gift certificate for my birthday and I ordered these books...

An Illustrated Life (of course!)
by Danny Gregory
Where Wanderers Cease To Roam ( A Traveler's Journal of Staying Put)
by Vivian Swift
The Decorated Page
by Gwen Diehn
I am also doing daily drooling over a gift sent to me by my SIL, Gretchen..
True Nature (An Illustrated Journal of Four Seasons of Solitude
by Barbara Bash

So what would you do?
1.Stick with the program and deprive myself of reading to unleash my creativity
2.Postpone this week's Artist's Way assignment for one week so I can devour these books?

Here's another look at my temptations. What's a girl to do??

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Art Space

I always love seeing other people's studios and spaces where they create their art, so I thought I would share mine. This year we did an extreme downsize, so I lost the extra bedrooms (office/studio). Small space living has provided me with it's own creative challenges! This little space is set up at one end of our bedroom and actually works just fine.

With all my brushes, paint, pens and pencils right in front of me in my favorite containers. Three are from my collection of Cowan glazed pottery. I decided to actually use them rather than display them. The crackled glass container belonged to my dad who collected lots of different kinds of glass containers. An antique silver creamer for my favorite brushes was given to me by my antiquing buddy. I love the big yellow cup that contains my markers. My sis in law bought it for me while we wandered Napa wineries. It says "Wild Women on Wine"(yes, we were!) Some of my favorite things contain my other favorite things--my art supplies!

My favorite Director's Chair--a gift from my friend,Michael, when I got promoted to Director in my last life in the corporate world. Now, it is my Art Director's chair!

Thanks for stopping by my little art nook!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wise Men

I sketched these wise men in church last weekend while Rev. Ellen talked about them. Kathryn played and sang "Try To Remember"....

Take 2 minutes to mellow out and listen to some pretty lyrics and look at some lovely pictures......

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yoga Elf (?)

Namaste and Merry Christmas to all of you!

Yoga in my heart

I do love yoga and so does this yoga girl........

Flowers in her hair...

Flowers Everywhere...I love the Flower Girl...(anyone remember the Cowsills?)
Indulge me by clicking on the photo to enlarge--or you will surely miss the flowers in her hair--and everywhere else :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nutcracker Mosaic

I got to see my very talented niece perform in the Nutcracker this weekend. Here is a little mosaic of some of the sketches I did in the very dark theater. I love doing this! Any tendencies toward perfectionism are down the drain! Please do click on the mosaic to see all the wonderful dancers from the incredible

Butterfly Award-Cool Blog :)

Oh my Favorite blog buddy, Peg, honored me with this award! I tuly never miss a post of hers. She is The Most Original artist and inspires me with her art and thought provoking words with every post. Thank you BB (Blog Bud)!

I am going to vary from the rules a bit. Rather than nominate 10 more blogs, with the expectation that they each nominate 10 more and recognize my blog on theirs,
I am going to give high accolades to genius Gabi
and all of his awe-inspiring Urban Sketchers.
To visit this site is to take an intimate tour around the world! I admire each one individually-- and collectively they are blowing the lid off of the world of sketch blogging!

Friday, November 28, 2008


My girl friend liked my sketches of Yao, so I did some quickly of her Joey. His legs are so short, when he runs he looks like a little bunny hopping along! (A very cute bunny!)

Monday, November 24, 2008

MarieAntoinette Award

It is always an honor to be recognized by one's peers.

Thanks so much Mark at for giving me this award described as a "real award for real people"

I saw a debate in blog land that some people consider these awards like chain letters. It is my good intention to pass this on to other bloggers who I am particularly enjoying these days. It is up to you, if you want to also "pay it forward". Just know, I simply want to shine a light on you because I enjoy what you do. And, the way I have found some of my favorite artists is through others bringing blogs to my attention.

Here are a few folks that I am getting to know and appreciate.
Mark at
John at
Steve at
Carol at
Steven at
Timaree at
Cris at

The instructions are to:
1. Please put the logo on your blog
2. Place a link to the person from whom you received the award
3. Nominate at least 7 or more blogs
4. Put the links of those blogs on your blog
5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them.
Again, nothing will happen to you if you simply accept the award and do nothing else!

"As Trevor observes: it doesn't have to be a big thing. It can just seem that way, depending on whom you do it for. " From the movie and movement "Pay It Forward"

Christmas Card

You may recognize this house from a post I did on October 5th.
My neighbors liked it so much, they asked me to do a Christmas card for them.

Also, wanted to congratulate them on being recognized in Texas Monthly They have a restaurant in Celina that was noticed as one of the top 40 cafes in Texas. I can vouch for that. I love those fried pickles at Lucy's Cafe! Way to go, Krys and Steve!

* my photos are lousy--they really look better in person. Please click on them to enlarge. I really must learn Photoshop!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yao the Dog

We had our first cold snap today and I got cozy. I listened to the "Disappearance of the Universe" on CD and sketched my crazy puppy dawg before heading to the Denton Artwalk and celebrated church lady, Linda's birthday.

Yao---what an energetic character. I adore him AND he drives me craaazzzy!

Oh yeah---Yao likes to blog, too....can you tell? There he checking out Capt.Elaine on my birthday!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November Celebrations

November is probably my favorite month! Besides my own birthday, I can name more than a dozen people that I love who were also born in November! These cakes are for each of you--I sketched them while eating lunch with my Sher and Aunt Janice. The cakes were looking oh so delicious in the case of Creatia's in Duncanville, Texas. Since I have already celebrated with three cakes this year--I passed on these!

Jessica, Gretchen, Aunt Janice, Mikel, Beth, Diane, Linda, Pat, Brian, Donna, Tom, Little Daniel, James, John ...I'll add the rest as I think of them! My 56 year old brain tends to accidently delete important information!

Ohh..and I realized today that I started blogging a year ago, too! Happy birthday to all of us!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ino'z Where you are

Yes, it's true...that is the name of this place and how it reads on the door. My sister, Nancy and my best sketch bud, Martha, and I started part 2 of the World Wide (Austin) Sketchcrawl in Wimberley, Texas. We had our first meal at Ino'z. It really says on the door "Inoz where you are". says that! The outdoor seating was the creek and next door to our B&B.

Quaint yes? AND, Iknoz where you are!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Chick-a-dee in Wimberley Texas

I squatted in the lane to sketch this little shop in the adorable little artist's town, then joined Martha
while she did her version. (she is working long hours and will post soon) Nothing like a slow day in Wimberely, Texas...eating, shopping, sketching, talking....ahhhhh!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

House Portrait

My friend asked me to paint this for a Christmas gift, so I did! I hope the recipient likes it! It is a really lovely home in Krugerville, Texas--a couple of minutes from me.

Southern Sunrise Bakery

We have a new bakery in our little town of Aubrey, Texas. Delicious goodies and a very nice family running the place. It is located right next to the largely abandoned Main Street Building that I previously posted We want to make sure these entrepeneurs are a big success!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Santa Fe O'Keefe

Santa Fe OKeefe, originally uploaded by Lisalou's Grace Art.

The museum was closed for renovations when we visited---yeah really, it was---didn't they know we were coming?! But we were able to visit an exhibit about Ms. Okeefe and watch a video. Here is a sketch of the enthralled viewers. I had to post this one, because my friend, Diana--with the spikey hair on the right looks so cute!

Santa Fe-Canyon Road

This tree was so perfectly trimmed, the trunk looked like a plaster sculpture. After all, it was the grand art street--Canyon Road!

Fall Leaves in Wimberley Creek

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all." Stanley Horowitz

These leaves had fallen and floated like a beautiful mosaic in the creek behind the "Salty Chicken" Bed and Breakfast (where we stayed following the crawl) the in Austin. I'd like to paint them, but love the photo too much to consider messing it up! I hope you will click on the photo to ENLARGE and see how pretty it really is! The bright blue is the really and truly the reflection of the sky. The bright white light is real sunlight--I did nothing to alter this photo--nature in action!!

I love Autumn SOOOO much--I hate to see it end!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Aubrey Peanut Festival

The Peanut factory closed up in the horribly hot summer of 1980 in Aubrey Texas. There is still a very down-home celebration of the peanut every year, on the grounds of the peanut factory. We live a block from there and it was fun to be a part of such a small town effort. It is like going back to a simpler time...

Here are a few sketches of the Peanut Festival by me (an Aubrey Nut!)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

St. Michael's Santa Fe

This sketch had to sit with me awhile! I hated it before Martha gave me a few ideas about how to improve upon it. Isn't it nice when someone cares enough to give critiscim? The end result is that the painting was saved from the recycling bin!

There is something to sketch on every corner in Santa Fe! This is around the corner from Canyon Road.

Martha and Lisa Moleskine Exchange

Here is the second entry in the Martha- Made- Moleskine. We are calling our two person exchange "Our Favorite Things".
She started with the bunny planter
Then it was my turn. Our Berkeley Bad Girls Book Club went to Ashland, Oregon last fall and ate at the than once!) It is a scrumptious place to spend a morning--and it became one of my favorite things!

This is a little bit of How I Saw It!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Photo included in Napa Guide!

I am the last person that should be included in this-yet I think it's cool! I am lazy when it comes to Flicker, so it's a fluke this was found by the Schmap Napa Valley Guide. If you want to see the photo- Click on photos at the bottom and you can scroll through the photos until you see the pink tree credited to Lisa Reed (moi!)

Austin Sketchers!

Here are some of the sketchers that joined in Austin. My sis, niece, Ed and Janet, Lara and Megan turned out for the first ever Austin sketchcrawl! Martha came all the way from Berkeley! We continued to crawl and I'll get those sketches posted in the days to come. A fun time was had by all!

Long Center-Thrill the World!

We were there for the Thrill the World '08: A worldwide simultaneous dance of Michael Jackson's THRILLER for a Guinness World Record
Hundreds of zombies gathered and danced in front of this building. I guess we weren't the only group gathering around the world! We didn't look as wild and crazy as they did---but we had just as much fun! I sketched the Long Center sans ghouls!

Sketchcrawl Austin Driscoll

We spent some time admiring the beautiful lobby of the Driscol Hotel in downtown Austin. I sketched one of this many gorgeous light fixtures. I seem to have a thing for lamps!

Sketching Stevie Ray

Austin is known for many things, not the least of which is the great music scene. There is a statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn on the banks of Lady Bird Lake and we stopped to sketch him. Stevie and I went to Kimball High School at the same time. He played music with some old friends of mine so that gives me less than six degrees of separation from one of the greats!

Sketchcrawl Austin Capital

From below looking up at the magnificent rotunda at the Texas State Capital. It is built out of sunset red granite and will take your breath away. Yes, it is true, everything is bigger in Texas!

Sketchcrawl Austin

We did it! A group of us gathered in Austin for the World Wide sketchcrawl. We started on the steps of the State Capital and sketched for several hours, trekking across this great city, enjoying perfect fall weather. Here is some of what I put on paper that day.

World Wide Sketchcrawl--Austin Texas

A group of us gathered in Austin for the World Wide sketchcrawl. We started on the steps of the State Capital and sketched for several hours, trekking across this great city, enjoying perfect fall weather. Here is some of what I put on paper that day.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Meet Yao....

Forgive me. This is not a sketch. Indulge me, this is my sweetie pup, Yao (Ming). Yes, there are some insane Houston Rockets fans in my household!

I will certainly sketch him. For now, I just had to share the cutest face I've ever seen.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Airport sketching

I truly love to pass the time in airports and on planes sketching my heart out. This was from DFW to Colorado Springs with a quick stop in Denver. The black and white is from some magazine, while the others are people and things around me.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Donkeys need recognition, too!

So, I spent an entire, wonderful, morning with the miniature animals that call Crystal Mesa Farm, HOME. I wasn't entirely thrilled with the mulitude of sketches I did of them--after all, their porportians are a little "different".

But, I loved them so much, I felt I should at least share them. Most of them moved so much, I just couldn't get them to strike a pose!

Here they are and I just love them!

More from Ghost Ranch

I decided to honor this beautiful place again , by painting from a photo I took there. Georgia O'Keefe spent many years painting there, being inspired by it's beauty. Who wouldn't be?! I have a goal to attend one of the many workshops offered at this awesome place.

The colors and light in New Mexico are so often indescribable. Capturing it can make a painting look almost fake. Nothing could be that filled with ethereal color! The color of the landscape when I took this was cast with purples of all kinds. The sky, the tree, the mountain--all had a fog of lavenders and plums cast upon them. Still takes my breath away to think of it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

100th Post and Photo Nomination

Today I got a note from the Schmap Napa Valley Guide saying I had a photo on the shortlist to appear in their November guide. That's kinda cool, isn't it?! The photo they selected was one taken at the Mumm Sparkling Vineyard. You may recall the previous posts where Martha and I sketched at the Sparkling Vineyards in Napa Valley before I moved back to Texas. In fact...the banner at the top of my blog is a sketch I did of the tulips we saw that day! What a great memory!

So, here is the photo that made the shortlist. I'd rather have a sketch nominated, but I still celebrate my 100th post with this nice little bit of recognition!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Living Room

I did this very quick ink sketch in the Living Room of my employer. I just love to move as fast as I can with pen in hand. I usually like the outcome far more than things I deliberate over. Hmmmmm....yet...I will always do both! Can't give up that paint!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

World Wide Sketchcrawl in Austin Texas

We are getting geared up for a fun day of sketching in the 24th Worldwide Sketchcrawl! Please join us!

**** Saturday, October 25th, 2008****
10:00 a.m.
Austin Texas--State Capital steps
How will we find each other?
Martha will wear her signtaure blue sketch hat and we will have sketch books in hand.

To learn more about the world wide crawls, check out the below sites and join the forum>

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

I got to spend one night at Ghost Ranch on my recent vacation. I expected to sketch non-stop since I was alone and staying in a stripped down dorm room with no laptop, tv or radio. But, it was the night IKE came through the Houston area and I kept going back and forth to my car to listen to the radio and driving up the road to get cell coverage. I was a little distracted by checking on my kids and other loved ones there, so my creative juices took a back seat.

I usually stick to my little sketch books doing quick ink and washes. But, I did give a full size watercolor a shot that one afternoon. This is the one of the views I saw at Ghost Ranch. Next time, I will be there taking a week long watercolor class. At least, that's the way I see it!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My neighbor's sweet home

This should have been included in my Aubrey, Texas posts--maybe.

But, I really painted this for different reasons. We are new to the area and new dog owners. My neighbors bailed me out by looking after our puppy, Yao (more to come!)

I sketched this and gave it to them when I saw them at the Peanut Festival yesterday--as a thank you for making sure our puppy was okay. They really seemed to like it! And, I really like looking at their place!

What happens in Santa Fe stays...:-)

So, a few of us members of the Berkeley Bad Girls Book Club took a trip to Santa Fe. If you haven't followed along--the Bad Girls Book Club is bad only because we either haven't read the book or we don't show up! I don't even live in the same state with them anymore so my excuses are always valid (now!)

We had a night on the town in New Mexico and after a margarita or three, I did some real fast sketches of the band---yeah...that's right-- on cocktail napkins. The last one, of the Sax player on his break, is clearly at the end of the evening when I sketched his demeaner more rock starish than the more-than-middle-aged dude he was. And, I mean nothing by that---I even have some best friends his age (!)

You will have to wait for Martha's real deal sketches of that night. Guaranteed- hers are far more art worthy than mine! Yet, I wiped up on Scrabble later that night. See what I mean about us not being all that BAD??

Here's to the BADS that were there and those who had FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) YOU DID and we talked about you, too! See you next time??

That's the way I see it!