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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Artisan and Artifacts

February has always, always produced significant changes in my life. I warned those around me that change was upon us (again) Do I make this stuff up? Probably! And, when I make this stuff up in my mind, change inevitably presents itself. You've heard of things like vision boards, dream journaling and creative visualization, haven't you? These things work for me and I might add, anyone who plays around with the many ways that prayer works.

Some awesome things showed up, as expected. I never know exactly what they will look like, but change is ALWAYS good and for me like unwrapping a gift. I know, it's going to be good, I just don't know exactly what is inside the package.

I was in belief that opportunity would appear that would provide me with more ways to make a living as an artist. After a heavy duty year of accumulating doctor and hospital bills around my husband's illnesses and surgeries, we just needed a boost to get to the other side of the financial obligations. Voila! A meeting of the minds with the owner of my favorite store,  Artisan Santa Fe, brought forth the chance to collaborate with this Santa Fe institution! I am now working with them as Outreach Coordinator to further the already successful classes, demos, events and their world famous Artisan Materials Expo . If there is something I love as much as creating my own art, it is nurturing creativity in the world! So, you see, I get to do both!

View from my desk at Artisan Santa Fe . Go ahead and drool if you love art supplies!

One of the terrific things about my new position is the flexibility that allows me to continue on my path as an artist. Speaking of THAT, my paintings landed in a beautiful gallery Artifacts Gallery in Farmington, New Mexico beginning in April! Just when I thought the only wondrous thing about Farmington was our youngest son and daughter-in-love and our cherished granddaughter, Layla. Now, I will combine two of passions (Layla and Art) in every monthly trip to NW New Mexico! How great is that?! Check out Artifacts Gallery  It is worth the trip. Stay tuned. I'll have much more to share about this serendipitous place!

 Layla helped me discover this magical gallery!