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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yao the Dog

We had our first cold snap today and I got cozy. I listened to the "Disappearance of the Universe" on CD and sketched my crazy puppy dawg before heading to the Denton Artwalk and celebrated church lady, Linda's birthday.

Yao---what an energetic character. I adore him AND he drives me craaazzzy!

Oh yeah---Yao likes to blog, too....can you tell? There he checking out Capt.Elaine on my birthday!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November Celebrations

November is probably my favorite month! Besides my own birthday, I can name more than a dozen people that I love who were also born in November! These cakes are for each of you--I sketched them while eating lunch with my Sher and Aunt Janice. The cakes were looking oh so delicious in the case of Creatia's in Duncanville, Texas. Since I have already celebrated with three cakes this year--I passed on these!

Jessica, Gretchen, Aunt Janice, Mikel, Beth, Diane, Linda, Pat, Brian, Donna, Tom, Little Daniel, James, John ...I'll add the rest as I think of them! My 56 year old brain tends to accidently delete important information!

Ohh..and I realized today that I started blogging a year ago, too! Happy birthday to all of us!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ino'z Where you are

Yes, it's true...that is the name of this place and how it reads on the door. My sister, Nancy and my best sketch bud, Martha, and I started part 2 of the World Wide (Austin) Sketchcrawl in Wimberley, Texas. We had our first meal at Ino'z. It really says on the door "Inoz where you are". says that! The outdoor seating was the creek and next door to our B&B.

Quaint yes? AND, Iknoz where you are!