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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Butterfly Award-Cool Blog :)

Oh my Favorite blog buddy, Peg, honored me with this award! I tuly never miss a post of hers. She is The Most Original artist and inspires me with her art and thought provoking words with every post. Thank you BB (Blog Bud)!

I am going to vary from the rules a bit. Rather than nominate 10 more blogs, with the expectation that they each nominate 10 more and recognize my blog on theirs,
I am going to give high accolades to genius Gabi
and all of his awe-inspiring Urban Sketchers.
To visit this site is to take an intimate tour around the world! I admire each one individually-- and collectively they are blowing the lid off of the world of sketch blogging!


Artist Unplugged said...

Hey Lisa, congrats on your award! I just looked through the sites you listed - really amazing work. I like seeing all the different techniques and subject matter. Thanks for sharing those!

gabi campanario said...

thanks Lisa, you are so kind! this makes my day

Margaret Ann said...

What a brilliant way to honor that group...Awesome Lisa! :)