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Sunday, October 5, 2008

What happens in Santa Fe stays...:-)

So, a few of us members of the Berkeley Bad Girls Book Club took a trip to Santa Fe. If you haven't followed along--the Bad Girls Book Club is bad only because we either haven't read the book or we don't show up! I don't even live in the same state with them anymore so my excuses are always valid (now!)

We had a night on the town in New Mexico and after a margarita or three, I did some real fast sketches of the band---yeah...that's right-- on cocktail napkins. The last one, of the Sax player on his break, is clearly at the end of the evening when I sketched his demeaner more rock starish than the more-than-middle-aged dude he was. And, I mean nothing by that---I even have some best friends his age (!)

You will have to wait for Martha's real deal sketches of that night. Guaranteed- hers are far more art worthy than mine! Yet, I wiped up on Scrabble later that night. See what I mean about us not being all that BAD??

Here's to the BADS that were there and those who had FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) YOU DID and we talked about you, too! See you next time??

That's the way I see it!



Joan Y said...

I love the fact you did these sketches on cocktail napkins! Those are the best kind ... the kind to remember! Great sketches too!

Margaret Ann said...

"You bad girl you"...LOL what a fun group! I lvoe that the sketches are on cocktail napkins...just perfect! :)

Bethany Stephens said...

napkin drawings make me happy! :) haha