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Sunday, December 16, 2007

St Michael's

My niece had a wonderful pre-wedding girls weekend in St. Michael's, Md. I had just discovered the sketching- journaling concept. I did this quickly and had no idea what I was doing. So, much of this picture is pretty pitiful, but I learned from it (mostly that I needed to learn how to paint trees!)


Knitting Painter Woman said...

I got this far down before I HAD to comment! I like what you are doing AND your no-goals goal. I know exactly what you mean. And as for this church, if the angles (Anglicans?) are what are important, let the trees just be blobby. I think this has neat character.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love St. Michaels? I love your sketches. If you ever get back to MD maybe we can get together. I'm about an hr. from there.