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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sketchcrawl in Chinatown

What a grand day we had--75 sketchers crawling through Chinatown in San Francisco! I met my friend Martha at the Montgomery station and we proceeded to meet the group at a park before breaking out our sketchbooks. Turns out Martha is quite famous in the sketchworld! I couldn't draw worth a flip yesterday, so I didn't even share when we all met back up after a day of drawing. There was so much talent there, it was fantastic to see what everyone had done. I added a little watercolor to a couple of my sketches and am going ahead and posting them. I don't want to forget what a great day it was! There is just no better way to enjoy a small corner of the world than to look at it as if you were an artist!

Here is one of the delightful lamposts on Grant Street--at least that's the way I saw it!

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