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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last Day in May

Sooo....I swore when I started blogging that I would not be setting goals, making big commitments when it comes to something that is 100% for my pleasure. That lasted a a few months! Then, this Every Day in May thing came up and I wanted to join the party! Indulge me while I share the Top Reasons I didn't Post Every Single Day in May:

1. All my sons were born within three weeks of each other this month plus Mother's Day--I've been busy celebrating!
2. I moved cross country at the end of April--I needed to unpack , etc.
3. I got to the end of my moleskine reloaded and haven't filled a new one *wrong paper **wrong sketchbook
4. My sketch buddy (Martha) is 1900 miles away
5. It's too hot to sketch in Texas (my favorite excuse for practically anything!)
6. Our Internet service is circa 1995 so I can't post anyway-no service dozens of times in May
7. I did some montages--so I really DID sketch more than it appears
8. I really don't believe in art goals anyway-this is for fun-what was I thinking??

That's not ten, but give me till midnight, I will come up with more excuses :-)

For now, here is a quick diddy. My sis-in-law included me in an eat and shop trip to the darling town of McKinney with her friends. I sketched the place we ate "Spoons" when I stepped out to answer the phone. I just now added some color to it. It was a fun day!


Barbara Weeks said...

Love your sense of humor almost as much as your sketch!

SCquiltaddict said...

Great reasons...i have those for NOT doing it june five family bdays including three sons AND fathers day:>

Great sketch...

seesue said...

Love your sketch and your list. Thnaks for the laugh.

Martha said...

Hey - Spoons looks like a really fun place! Great sketch.

I know how hectic your life has been! But I know you'll settle in and become a sketch monster once again :)

SCquiltaddict said...

funny about the too hot sketch buddy wanted me to go sketch with her..told her the same thing tooo hot...but today was only 79...of course one would have to go outside to know that and not stay inside on the computer and sewing all day...