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Friday, January 30, 2009

Maira Kalman : The Inauguration. At Last

I know, I have been a bad bad blogger! No excuses, just no posts!

I promise to get some of my January sketches posted and will be back on the blogtrack real soon. Thanks to all of you that sent me notes wondering if I was still among the living!

This beauty was sent to me by my bud TQ and I just loved it. Enjoy!


freebird said...

I couldn't ask how you were because I wasn't blogging either so I didn't know. Doesn't it help get you rejuvenated to know others out there wonder what is going on with you? It sure helped me get back in to not only blogging but to doing some art work.

Margaret Ann said...

This is a brilliant link...thanks so very much for sharing it and most of all WooHoo you are back in bloggy land! :)

Anonymous said...

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