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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blog Reborn in Santa Fe

My poor neglected blog. There were a couple of years that I was passionate about daily sketching, posting the inane drawings, photos and goings-on of my daily life. I learned so much from the process and from the many artists that I was dedicated to following. I made friends with many with whom I still stay in touch. Thank you for reaching out, wondering if I had fallen off the planet when my postings ceased. Most know that my creative side was diverted in a very big way to my now dearly departed Mecca on Main. The website is now down, too, but some of the photos that document that very impactful part of my life are on Face Book. I am Lisa Adams Reed over there, if you have not already “friended me”. Mecca was an artist’s collective with art studios, gallery, an event place, a cafĂ©. We also offered art and yoga classes. It was an all encompassing and life altering experience for me and for many others. I could digress into that rich chapter and probably will refer to Mecca along the way on this blog. For now, my point of this post is to say, I am going to breathe some life back into “How I See It”. I’ve been loving Face book, but find I need a place that is bigger and can expand into other things.

My new posts will be flavored differently. For one thing, I have pretty much given up the sketching that I was enjoying so very much. It began when I was all consumed with Mecca. THAT was my creative outlet and took up every waking moment (and my dream life, too!) Then, a few months after we opened Mecca, I woke up with no sight in my right eye. They said it was permanent blindness caused by a stroke. Docs don’t know it all, so I thanked them for their opinions and went about the business of healing. I did regain some peripheral sight and THAT matters since it helps me with balance and other important things like that. I rarely fall down—and that’s a good thing! Nevertheless, I have allowed the incident to limit me and my ability to put pen and paint on paper. I know I can get more vision back and with practice can create something with the one good eye I have. So, you will see some of my attempts to express myself creatively on this blog. One thing I already know is that the blogging world is one of kindness and encouragement. If you know me, you know I am sensitive and critical of my own stuff, so I thank you in advance for not being too hard on me as I get rolling again!

This chapter will pick up in Santa Fe New Mexico where Charles and I moved on August 28, 2010. My journaling will include much more than any art I might create. It will be about my authentic journey through this world and some of the things that I am passionate about. Those things will always morph from one idea to the next. If I have a fear, it is that I will miss an opportunity to experience something new. It is a pretty bad case of ADD which I happen to enjoy quite a lot! Some think I should not start something unless I have finished the last thing. Don’t look for some magnificent completed project from me. My daddy said it’s the journey that is fun and that is where we learn. The finished product isn’t the point. Worrying about uncompleted projects immobilizes people. I just want to try lots and lots of things. I may not end up loving them all or committing to any of them. But, I sure don’t want to miss a chance to give something a whirl.

Some of the things I want to get onto paper (blog) with words, photos, or with paint or pencil are below and not in order of priority:

My favorite things
Things I want to do/try/see
Immersion into New Mexico
Good times with from family and Friends
Small Space Living
3x3s (stay tuned if you don't know what this is)
Playing with mixed media and collage
Furniture painting
Sketching-keep your fingers crossed :0
BIG Abstracts
Artist's Way
Books I like
Marketing ideas for small businesses
Cooking and Eating for Energy/Vitality/Longevity
Adventures of Yao and Mo-the Wonder Dogs
The most intriguing people I come across

p.s. Thanks, Anna! If you had not asked me to create something for your dorm room, I would still be making excuses! Give me a chance to get my creative legs under me and I will send you something created especially for you, from my heart. Aunt Lisa


curiouscrow said...

Welcome back to Edm and your blog. I am so sorry bout your sight loss, but really impressed by your determined attitude and look forward to seeing more blog entries and sharing your journey.

winna said...

I am inspired by your "return" as I did after a year--came back to where I find I belong. I loved reading your words and am right there with so many giving you hugs for your courage..welcome back !

Barbara Weeks said...

Welcome back!

Shirley said...

I'm so glad that you resumed your blog and EDM!! I do follow you on Facebook enough to know that you moved to New Mexico - and I can just imagine what wonderful inspiration Southwestern Art will be. Welcome back and please share with your friendly art community on EDM! I'm adding you to Google Reader right now, so I can follow your journey. And now about that trip for you and Martha to NYC!!

Sandra said...

It will be a delight to follow your journey!

raena said...

Welcome back to EDM! I look forward to seeing your adventures!