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Thursday, August 20, 2015

What the heck is cold wax?

When I say I am an artist working in Cold Wax and oil, the next comment is often "Oh, Encaustic!" Many people know about or have heard of Encaustic painting which is a totally different ball game using heated beeswax. Hot vs. cold---get it?  I thought I'd share a resource that explains what cold wax is, how it works, resources and artists (including moi of course, go see!) who work largely in this, my personal favorite yummy medium-Cold Wax. All you ever wanted to know about cold wax and the artists who love it>  COLD WAX PAINTING. 

Don't you just want to get your hands in it? Psssst...SECRET: I reach into the gallon jug of Cold Wax with my hand and slop it right onto my palette-by the handful! It's a messy business I tell you. I love the super creamy, almost sensual, feel of it. Plus, I paint with my heart and soul and I suppose that begins with my fingertips. When you come to my studio, you WILL touch it, too. It's my way of entertaining my guests and sharing my passion. Stop on by when you're in Santa Fe or just look in on my website. Bunches of new things on the horizon so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss all the important stuff i.e shenanigans.

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