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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Crystal Mesa Farm Vacation

I cannot stop thinking about the wonders of Crystal Mesa Farm. It is magical and spiritual and if you open your hearts to all that it is, you will be transformed. Truly, the vacation of vacations.
My husband told the owner, Marie, that she should be worried about me--"the body snatcher"--since I wanted her life. And, that was before I knew she was married to a hunky soap star!
I was mesmorized by the shrine/chapel that houses and honors Marie's mother's life and ashes. I sketched it from every angle and photographed it in every light and felt the reverance of the consecrated land.
Words do not go far enough to describe the experience I had at Crystal Mesa Farm


Margaret Ann said...

Beautiful light! :)

The Victorious place said...

It looks like a beautiful place to relaxe and get in touch with the things that really matter. That which is inside and above.
Thank you for sharing the wonderful pics of Mesa Farm.
I love the warm yellows and oranges.