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Friday, January 14, 2011

Denton, Texas- Downtown Square

Last night I "met" a new person online who had become a follower either here or on Flickr. She is a talented photographer who had taken many photos in  the North Texas Area, more specifically, Denton! Today, I stumbled upon some sketches I did around the charming downtown Denton Square. Like most small towns, some antique buildings have had a metamorphosis. Dentonites (is that the right word?) will recognize this old theater which eventually became a place of worship. I meant to go in the building while we lived nearby and never did. Shoot! What's it like inside?

I am thinking of all the people I love in the Denton area. Sketches certainly imprint fond memories!


Angel Rogers said...

I feel so loved and thank you for the comliment! What an interesting history of the place and sketch of what it used to be. It is now called the Campus Theater and they have different activities going on now and then. If you look on my flickr, my son 10 yr. old took two shots of it

Also, a ground floor view -

Do you have any other places around there you wonder about? I would love to have an excuse for a day excursion to take some more shots!

Lisa Adams Reed said...

It was actually your Campus Theater photo and others that got me digging for sketches of the Square. Campus Theater is on Hickory and the place I sketched is around the corner on Elm (I think) facing the courthouse. I know I have sketches of the Theater and the Courthouse (somehwhere!)

I'll keep enjoying your photos on Flickr! Would love to see you husband's art, too. When does he graduate?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful sketch!! Lots of character.

Alex said...

Congratulations for wining! =)

Alex said...
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Elza said...

The red and blues makes this a stunning picture.

Maureen said...

Great sketch!

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa!

I own this building. Wondering if you would like to sale this or let us display it in our theater. We are very low budget but high hopes to get the theater up and running again and we are planning a restoration this summer.